Zodiak’s Mission



A man’s gruff shout makes you turn. Holy cow, it’s Lieutenant Patrick Cobbs (Zodiak).

“You’re one of Water’s Warriors aren’t you?”

You feel a little stunned standing front and center with a SEAL like Zodiak staring at you with his silver gray eyes. He’s Ghost’s best friend, his swim buddy, and the man Ghost trusts the most.

“Something wrong?” he asks, his lips curling with a sexy grin.

“No,” but that’s about all of the English language you can remember taking in his half-dressed attire. Low riding jeans hug his hips. His hoody is unzipped, showing off the taut muscle of his abs. You can’t help but follow a small droplet of sweat that trails a moist line across the sea of rippling abs.

He cocks his head and blinks slowly. “I was wondering if you could give me a hand with something?”

Standing outside of Breakers, the favored hangout of the team, and where you were headed when Zodiak crossed your path, you wait. Better not to open your mouth and blubber something you’ll regret. Zodiak is happily married to Marg, but you can’t help wondering what it would be like to….well you know.

Flowers“Were you heading for lunch?” Cobbs asked giving his head a slight tilt toward the front doors.

“Actually, yes,” you say.

“Mind if I join you?”

“No.” There’s those one one-word answers again, and why does your chest have a PSI rating of a hundred and twenty?

“I’ll buy, come on.”

You follow like a trained seal, the flippered kind.

After ordering a drink and lunch, Zodiak leans in. “Snow White mentioned you gave her a hand with something. I’m wondering if you’d do the same for me?”

“Sure,” you answer without hearing if he wants you to dive into a pool of Sharks and beat them off with your bare hands.

“Ghost and Snow White have been having a tough time lately. Ghost won’t let her step out of Mace’s place unless she’s going to work, which is causing Kayla no end of crankiness. We’re all taking it in the neck because of it. I want to illicit your help. There’s a popular magazine that women seem to love. I don’t want to go snooping around because it’s all about romance.”

“You’re talking about InD’tale magazine, right?”

“Yeah, that’s the one. Apparently on page 78 of the current issue there is a description of both of them. It says Ghost is a legend, and she’s a …….” I need that information.

This one word is your next password to Mace’s Mission. When you reach the page, the current issue can be found on the top left corner. You’ll have to sign in, in order to find your clue.

“One other thing,” Lt. Cobbs says. “I understand the woman who runs this magazine is very generous. It wouldn’t hurt to take note of some other things. Apparently she’ll be giving away several romance novels if you can answer some questions. Since Marg loves those types of books could you gather the intel for me?”

You nod. “Sure, what am I looking for?”

“Just some answers to some questions. Write them down and email them to Nataszawaters@gmail.com.” He pushes a piece of paper across the table and you reach for it. His warm, rough hand slides over top of yours and he pins you with his gaze. “Thanks for doing this.”

Heat coils inside you.

While inside the magazine answer the following questions.

  1. What is the featured recipe in November’s issue?
  2. Which author was featured in the “rising star” article.
  3. Name three reviewers that work for InD’tale magazine.
  4. What is #3 in the “Worst opening sentence” article? (LOL.)

Now that you have those answered email them to me. Then proceed to Mace’s Mission and enter the password. DO NOT capitalize the word.