Mace and Tony’s Mission



You’re doing great so far!!!


Your phone goes off and it’s a text from Mace.

Meet me at the range. Ten minutes.

Mace? As in Petty Officer Mace Callahan? Your insides tremble with the thought, but your feet are already walking toward the firing range at a good clip.

“Hey!” Mace is leaning against a building the SEALs use for weapons training, but he’s not alone. Tinman is with him. They both greet you. Mace offers one of his handsome Hollywood smiles, and Tony’s smile is even more seductive.

“Someone told me you were on a tasking. Thought you might need a little help in this next phase,” Mace says.

Your mouth droops open a little, and your tongue dries out. Mace isn’t good looking, he’s devastatingly gorgeous. He’s wearing a tight black T-shirt and jeans. But what your imagination conjures up is something completely different.


He’s taller than you imagine. Not quite as tall as Ghost, but built like him with broad shoulders rolling into bulging arms, and a chest that any woman would want a close encounter with. “What’s the next challenge?” you ask, and then clear your throat, because you sound a little too breathless.

“Come with me,” Mace says, wrapping one of those god-like appendages around your shoulders, and leads you into the building.

Tony, being the gentlemen he is, offers you a seat. “This is going to require a sharp set of eyes. Mace happens to have a set.” He grins at you, and it feels like your socks just melted to your ankles.

“K,” is all that emerges.

“Amazon is your next stop, beautiful,” Mace cuts in.


Mace settles on one knee in front of you. “You paying attention?”

You nod, but the blood is pumping so fast through your veins it feels like you’ve sprung a leak somewhere, and you can’t really focus on anything but his cut jaw and the barely-there afternoon shadow on his tanned cheeks.

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