Kayla’s Mission



Your next point of contact in this mission is Kayla Banks. You’re working with her today in Base Command (BC). You look around the dark room. There’s chatter coming from a VHF radio, but Kayla’s not concerned, so neither are you. Switches glow with little red lights, and cover the console you’re sitting at. A radar monitor shows little white blips, aMapnd some of them are moving, probably a training exercise for the BUD/S recruits.


Kayla peers at a computer screen. It’s filled with reports, all of them cryptic in nature.



A new one appears. She’s just received a SPECOP report from Captain Austen.

Message as follows:



Require data from file on Snow White’s device of choice. Review and advise.

Kayla turns to you with a shake of her head. She doesn’t look confused, in fact she blushes. “Hand me my IPOD, it’s by your elbow.”

“What do you think is on there?” you ask.

“Who knows, but I suppose we have to find out,” she says, taking the IPOD and searching through it.

“Where is Ghost?”

Kayla gives you a raised brow. “The team is laying low on the outskirts of Panama City.”

“They’re on a mission?” The door to the anteroom cracks open and Barry walks in. “My hero,” Kayla says as they high-five each other. She gives Barry a debrief, and picks up a small backpack. “We’re heading back to my place.”Appmt

Settled on the balcony of Kayla’s condo at the Landing, you relax on a lounge chair. You remember Ghost was with her when she bought the condo. Over your right shoulder you peer at the red roofs of the Landing, and spy the Italian restaurant they had their first meal together.

You take in the walkway and all the people strolling by. Coronado bridge looms in the background.

appt surround

“How could you leave this place or the Comm…Captain?” you ask.

Kayla leans over the balcony railing and shakes her head. She stares down at the little beach in front of the Landing, and a small laugh erupts.

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“That’s where he took me on our first date Christmas Eve night,” she says dreamily. She clears her throat. “And, unfortunately, when he found out I have PTSD. I don’t know what happened. We were debating as usual, and he was trying to convince me to move in with him. Can you imagine that? The next thing I knew we were talking about the Shark, and I lost it.” She shakes her head. “He was never supposed to know about my condition.”

Kayla turns and picks up her IPOD, thumbing through it. “That man,” she murmurs to herself, handing you the device. “He never quits.”

“Would you want him to?”

Kayla’s expression alters to worry. “If he doesn’t stop chasing the Shark, I’ll force him to.”

“What does that mean?” You look down at the IPOD and there’s a music video paused and ready to play.

Kayla sits in the chair beside you and sighs. “It means he will get himself killed if he continues to try to roust the Blood Shark. Dying for his country is one thing. Giving up his life for me is something I won’t allow.” Kayla worries her bottom lip in thought. Her coal lashed eyes sadden. “I’m leaving. If I’m not here, Ghost will stop hunting the Shark.”

“What is this?” You ask giving the IPOD another look.

“Play it and find out, but I’m sure it’s Captain Austen’s way of telling me he’s thinking of home.

There are six videos on the next link of your journey. Listen to the video by Colton Dixon and complete this line from the video. “Through the honest lies of yesterday………” This is your next password. Enter it in Zodiak’s mission.