Fox’s Mission


You enter the boathouse and stop in your tracks. Master Chief Mason (Fox) Briggs is half dressed and standing in front of his locker.

“Oh, sorry.”

“No worries.” He tilts his head. “I need a hand with searching out some intel. You up for that?”

“Definitely,” you say, trying to not let the drool slide down your chin.

He throws on a shirt over his taut torso as he walks toward you. “The whole team is rooting for you, and you’ve only got a couple steps to go.” Fox drapes an arm around your waist. “Come with me.”

Back at Base Command you sit down in a conference room.

“Not all reconnaissance is in the great outdoors. Sometimes it’s about scouting intel from any source you can find.

A thought pops in your mind, but unfortunately out your mouth. “Do you really eat snake?”

He chuckles. “Hey, it isn’t half bad, you should try it.”

“I’ll pass.”

He pushes a laptop toward you. “This site has your password. There’s some sample chapters of Natasza’s writing here. Before she began writing A Warrior’s Challenge series, she wrote a book called “Too Grand For Words.” In chapter one Moira is talking to her staff before they leave her to have their own fun on the Las Vegas strip. What’s the name of the hotel they’re staying in?

Enter the password in the Final Mission tab. Capitalize.