Ditz & Stitch’s Mission


Two SEALs to help you this time!!!


Minding your own business at the Galley you feel a tap on your shoulder making you turn, but just as you do, two very handsome SEALs sit down across from you.

“Hey, guys!”

“Hiya gorgeous, Clay (Ditz) greets with a charming smile.

“How goes the challenge?”

“Good” You give them an enquiring look as they both grin at you making you shift a little in your seat. “What’s up?”

Caleb (Stitch) the squad’s corpsman leans over the table. “Was wondering if you’d like to go for a ride?”

“Already been on a Black Hawk. Whatcha got in mind?”

Ditz and Stitch give each other a quick look.

“You’re on a tasking right? What’s your next move?” Ditz asks.

You shrug. “I don’t know, I’m waiting for my ordersssss.” You lean back finally understanding. “You’re the ones with my next orders, right?”

A big smile grows on Caleb’s lips. “Yup. Need to know basis only.”

“Time for some rubber boat training,” Ditz adds.

You’re relieved he didn’t say you had to report to the obstacle course. “Let’s go.”

You all head down to the docks. In the distance you see some recruits training under the noon day sun, and you pray you’re not going to have to do that. Their training officer shouts something, and the chorus back reaches your ears.

“The only easy day, was yesterday.”


You reach the dock and Caleb jumps into the boat, then holds his hand out to help you onboard. “Ma’am,” he says and gives you Boats 2a wink.

It’s a ride like none other, cutting across the waters of Glorietta Bay. You’re joined by another boat filled with SEALs in training, but you’re too busy hanging on for dear life.


Eventually you turn for the docks but instead, the guys veer off toward the sandy beach in front of the Del Hotel.


Caleb cuts the small outboard and Ditz crouches in front of you.

“Here’s your next tasking. Make us proud lady, you’re almost there.”

“What do I have to do?”

Ditz waves his arm to someone on shore. You’re not all that far from the beach, maybe a hundred feet or so, and you see Nathan (Tadpole), the newest member of the team. He waves back.


“Swim,” Stitch says. “Nathan’s waiting for you. All you have to do is swim to shore. He’s got a mobile computer. Enter your next password under Fox’s Mission, and you’ll be on your way.”

“What’s the password?”

“Simple,” Ditz answers, slowly pulling the sweater from your shoulders as you stare up at him. “We belong to Navy SEAL Team One. What’s the name of our squad?”

Hard to think as Ditz peels your sweater off and you’re wishing he’d peel off more than that. You dart a look at Stitch, and he tongues his cheek.

“We don’t do that together any more,” Stitch says reading your brief but sexy menage thoughts. Can’t blame a girl for her thoughts!

“Back on point,” Ditz says. “Our squad name is your next password. Now it’s time to get wet.

You can’t help the delicious smile creeping across your lips.

“Not that kind of wet,” Ditz says and winks at you. He leans over and gives you a sweet kiss. “But if I wasn’t getting married, we’d definitely be doing naughty things to each other tonight.

Lord help me. You loWhaleok at the water and pray one of these isn’t lurking, and jump.



Enter the password in Fox’s Mission. Capitalize the first letter.