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…Seeing the strip from the air, like everything else from the air, was very different. Steven took a slow pass, following a route between I-15 and the strip, obeying the towers instructions, then headed east toward the Grand Canyon.

It only took them a few minutes to get to Hoover Dam.

Steven flew at 2,500 feet, keeping out of the way of other helicopter traffic in the area. He flew the craft with no hesitation, always thinking before making an alteration, and in complete command. It made her insides curl knowing this all-together man saw something in her that he liked—a lot. Liquid heat poured through her body. The feeling reminded her of the excitement before Christmas morning when she was little, nearly unbearable.

She glanced back at Stephanie, who wore a Joker-like grin plastered on her lips as her tongue flapped on high speed.

The immensity and inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon took her breath away as Steven flew them around the southern rim and across its massive ravine. The flat-topped layers grew in plateaus from the earth, dotted with sparse, hearty brush that defied the heat. A narrow winding river sliced through the stone.

“Is that the Colorado River?” she asked.

Steven nodded. “It cuts through thousands of acres of Kaibab and Hualapai Limestone. The power of time, sun, and water created the canyon walls. I don’t think anything can challenge its inspiration or its strength.”

“Steven—” She grasped his hand. “That’s beautiful. Maybe you should write that down.”
He winked at her. “I think I’ll leave that to you.”

They banked to starboard. The constant whirl of the blades changed into background noise as Mother Nature stepped up to grab their attention, and t he incredible wonder of the canyon swept by below them. “How can people not believe in God when they see something so beautiful?” she murmured. It wasn’t a question, only a statement of fact.

Steven turned his attention to her with an odd look in his eyes. “I’ve wondered that, too.” He gazed at her with a warm smile. “Especially when I look at you.”

Her peripheral vision caught a flash. She jerked her head at the same time, calling out, “Steven, two o’clock.”

Steven’s attention swung from her instantly. “Jesus!”

Adult Excerpt:

“Steven, I need a shower,” she said, pushing away from him.

“And I need you,” he growled. He slipped his hands beneath her shirt, and pulled it over her head. Nipping at her neck, he worked his way down to take her breast in his mouth, biting her nipple, and flicking the pain away with his tongue. His hands replaced his mouth, filling his palms with both breasts. Moira’s fingers crawled to his chest and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Folding the material away, her fingers slid across his skin. Excitement engorged his shaft, his erection growing hard. He needed her more now than ever before. His hands wound around her ass. Slowly, he slid her up his body, then carried her to the writing table and chair in the room.

“What are you doing?” Her arms slipped around his neck.

He planted her feet on the chair. Fingering the tab on her zipper, he pulled, revealing her soft skin. Taking his time, he peeled her jeans down her legs. “Just helping out a friend,” he growled.

“Steven, what did you want me to say? You didn’t even know what to say.”

He hooked his fingers around the lace panties that clung to her hips, drawing them down to the chair. Running his hands back up her skin he stopped at her waist. “The truth would have been good.” Grasping her ankle, he guided one foot to balance on the glass of the tabletop.

“What’s the truth?” she asked quietly, as he gently kissed her thighs.

“That I’m the man who can love you like you should be loved.” His lips followed the gentle curve of her hip until he reached her clit, and he sucked it deep into his mouth, tasting the wetness that had already dripped between her thighs. His tongue plunged inside the fold of her sex, and she fell back the few inches against the wall. Her legs trembled in his hands with every flick of his tongue. He licked the sensitive tip, waiting a second and then brushing it again, taunting her.

“Oh God, Steven.” Her palms flattened against the wall for support.

Leaning away, he loved her with his fingers able to watch her face and her body trembling beneath his hands. “Oh yeah, sweetheart, you look so beautiful when you’re like this.” He felt the familiar burn inside him begin to eat up his logical thoughts.

Yanking her into his arms, he swung her onto the bed. “I need to be inside you, Moira.” She was so wet the sweet silkiness rolled down the cheeks of her ass. He groaned with the sight, and slid his fingers through her wetness until they were drenched, and then palmed his shaft, lubricating himself. A shot of pleasure scorched through him, and it made his entire body shudder.

Her lips parted as her lids became heavy with passion, watching him. “Baby, do what you want,” he growled. He pumped himself slowly as she curled around onto her knees. When her lips slid over the head of his shaft, his body jerked with pleasure. Her wet tongue felt so good with its sensual touch. He covered her small hand as she stroked the length of him, showing her what he liked.

She reached between her thighs and covered him again with her silk. “Oh yeah, Moira. Fuck, that is hot when you do that.” He drew away from her mouth, and pulled her up the bed. He breathed out, trying to get control, but the raw need for her sat deep in his stomach. “You want me, just as much as I want you,” he said, gently rubbing the tip of her nub with hard then soft strokes, keeping the heat burning in her, seeing it in her green eyes.

“No, I don’t,” she said weakly.

His tongue teased the sensitive area above her hardened clit, and she gasped, her legs drawing apart. “Your body can’t lie to me, even if you want to. You burn hot, sweetheart, and I want that heat.” He bent her knees, opening her wide for him. He knelt in front of her, and took his shaft in his hand, guiding the tip into her. Her silk covered the end of him, and he shuddered with restraint. But there wasn’t much left in him, not after today. “Baby, I want to be deep inside you,” he growled, slipping his head in and out of her with slow, erotic thrusts that made her hips rise to meet every plunge. Her lips parted as she propped herself on her elbows, her head falling back.

“Tell me what you want, Moira, tell me what feels good, baby.” He could barely talk, the passion coiling tight inside him.

“Deeper, oh God,” she cried out, when he filled her.

Deeper and deeper he buried himself in her tight channel. The friction made his desire fly off the charts. Her muscles responded, clamping down on him with sweet acceptance. “That’s it, baby, squeeze me. God, that feels so good,” he groaned. Thrusting inside her, he lost his mind with every delicious stroke. Every second brought him closer, until they both shuddered with release.

Before he could even think straight, he pulled her into his arms, holding her tight against his chest. “Moira—” Emotion welled up inside him, practically drowning him.

“You have to stop doing this,” she said, her breath choppy.

He released her, and she leaned back, propping herself up with the palm of her hands. “Doing what?” he said, his pulse coming down. He couldn’t help rolling his hips, enjoying the feeling of still being inside her, his body shaking with aftershocks from the orgasm.

“Being with me, being close to me.”


“You’re going to get hurt, Steven.”

A chill ran through him as he pulled out of her gently. “Moira, are you talking about this dark cloud Callie thinks follows you around?” His finger jumped to her mouth. “Wait, not now. Let’s have a shower first, and then we’ll talk.”

“Good idea. Go to your room and have a shower.”

“I don’t think so, sweetheart.” He plucked her into his arms and carried her to the bathroom.

“You think you can just push me around like a rag doll, don’t you,” she chastised him.

“For the love of God, woman, haven’t you figured out who’s in charge here? ”

She scowled at him. “I suppose you think you’re in charge.”

“That’s right, I am, and you like it.”

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