Warriors’ Mission

Romeo Tango Mission

This Mission is being run live from May 1st to May 31 2017.  To start the mission, click on the RT Introduction button and enter the first password. Have fun!

NOTE: “short” passwords will cause a security warning message. PLEASE IGNORE THIS. This mission is meant to be fun, we don’t need long complicated passwords to confuse things. Your personal info is not at risk.  🙂

RT Introduction

RT The Briefing

RT Enroute

RT Undercover

RT Recon

RT The Games Begin

RT Simulation

RT Sea Games


RT Tactical Planning

RT Infiltration

RT The Snare



Code Name: Luminous Mission

Note: This mission occurred live in Nov 2014. After this date, some of the links will not work, but the passwords have now been removed, so you can proceed through the taskings. Enjoy!


Debrief      Start with Debrief, and proceed through all the taskings to the end.

First Tasking

Second Tasking

Third Tasking

Fourth Tasking

Fifth Tasking

Sixth Tasking

Final Tasking



 Code Name: Kaylas Fire Mission

This is a fun “scavenger hunt” online. Start with Ghosts Mission and proceed through all the missions to the end. Listen to instructions below:  NOTE: all passwords have been removed so the Missions below are fully accessible.  Also, some links to external sites have changed and may not work, BUT these are not necessary since the passwords, to advance to the next mission, have been removed.


Ghosts Mission

Kaylas Mission

Zodiacs Mission

Mace & Tonys Mission

Ditz & Stitchs Mission

Foxs Mission

Final Mission