Third Tasking

No rest for the weary,” a voice states.

You look up from the laptop you were given and rub your eyes. Then straighten up NatLandywhen you see Captain Cobbs looking down at you.

You look tired.” From behind his back he produces a cup of coffee and sets it down. “Thought you might need one.”

He sits in a spare chair, and all you can think of is, hell, Marg is one lucky lady.

Just finished the summary,” you say, and sigh. “These are the amendments the Admiral wants.”

That’s why I’m here. We need to go.”

We?” you echo.

I’m your wingman, and we’ve got a lead.”

You hCoupleit the send button on the brief to Admiral Austen. “Don’t you SEALS ever sleep?”

A grin turns his sexy features into irresistible and those gray eyes of his pierce you. “Usually packin’ too much adrenaline. Plenty of time to sleep when we’re dead. Come on.”

You follow Captain Cobbs thinking you now understand why women aren’t allowed to be in the SEALs. There’s no way you’d be able to make a steady shot with a man like him beside you. All sorts of positions flit through your mind. ”WhereCouple2’re we headed?”

To check out a blogger. We might have found an ally inside the cell. Terrorists plant information for each other and use the web to do it, but so do we. We’re going to pay her a little visit.”

Lead on, Captain,” you say. Okay, so you walk a little slower and take a photographic glance starting at his butt and panning all the way to his broad shoulders. Unfortunately when you get to his head it’s turned and he quirks his brows playfully at you. “Sorry, thought I had a stone in my boot. It’s gone now,” you say, and quickly catch up. 

Mind back on business, now!!! You’re doing great and you have to finish this mission.


That’s better!

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