Sixth Tasking

You’re doing great, but the team really needs you now. Tinman is going crazy. The terrorist cell found Lumin and took her hostage.

LuminHow do we find her if we don’t know where the cell is?” Tony growls, barely keeping it together.

You swallow hard and feel for him. It’s obvious to anyone standing there he’s over the top in love with her, and now she’s in real danger.

What if they infect her?” he storms.

The team stands silently watching not wanting to say that the clock will start ticking, and she will have twelve hours to live. Team Six known as DEVGRU, has arrived and they are the best in anti-terrorist operations. The search has begun.

Tinman draws you aside. “I can’t lose her,” he says, his expression filled with fear. “I love her.” He shakes his head and closes his eyes. “I need her back.”

Tony, if we can’t find her, then we have to find the vaccine. That means finding the missing scientist that Lumin told us about. We need to concentrate on him. Or maybe I should concentrate on him, and you go find Lumin.” You take a deep breath. “Where did the Admiral go?”

The White House, he’s meeting with the President. Snow White dug something up. You can’t just pick up the plague at the grocery store. VialShe thinks someone high up in the food chain must have given it to the terrorists.”

Captain Cobbs joins you. “Just got off the phone with Ghost. Says there’s a guy who owns a production company in San Diego who may have some answers for us.”

Who is he?” you ask.

Goes by the name of Crunchreel. He makes movie videos and trailers. He could be a HVT High Value Target or just a civilian caught in the middle.”

Sixth Tasking: Like any informant, we need to grease his palm. Click on the link and like his page.

Then proceed to the link below to check out who this Crunchreel guy is.

Watch the video. Find the password to enter the final task.