Second Tasking

You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself, and you should. As the skids settle on the tarmac back at NAB Coronado, you receive an incoming text.

Report to Base Command

NinaNina is waiting for you at the entrance. “Good job,” she says as you meet her. “Heard you found a sample of the virus.”

You gulp, realizing the vial you handed over to the man in the bio suite when you landed, wasn’t being overzealous. “Good thing I didn’t trip and fall,” you say with a half-hearted laugh.

Nina shrugs and gives you a half smile. “All in a days work. Follow me.” She cracks the door into Base Command Operation’s Centre and you’re struck by a waft of cool air. “All hands on deck for this mission.” She closes the door behind you. “Boss, our new team member is here.”

Snow White turns, her dark eyes almost black in the dimly lit room. She strides over. “Good to have you here. Well done finding the virus, but don’t get too comfortable. Admiral Austen has another tasking for you.”Console

You hope the orders are going to come through Snow White vs the legend of a SEAL they call Ghost. Nodding, you wait.

The door to the anteroom opens and the Admiral steps in. “My office,” he says.

Crap! You follow the Admiral and take the seat he indicates. Watching him you note he moves with stealth not lumbering steps like a man of his size should. Brawn and intelligence radiate from the man in charge. He pushes a folder across his desk. Top Secret File

SOFREP,” he states.

You open it and your stomach turns.

That’s what we’re up against,” he says.

You can’t take your eyes off of the pictures even though the bodies are gruesome.

Those are the residents of Ramah, a small New Mexico town infected with the virus. If we don’t stop this now, this country will be burning bodies in big pits. We need your help to make a brief. EA2, the virus the terrorists have created, is the Bubonic Plague linked to a strain of Ebola. There’s a lot of misinformation being broadcast about both. I want you to find the truth and set up a summary report for the team of how to survive this.”

Your head shoots up with the notion that they may not find the vaccine in time and that EA2 will become a pandemic. “I can do that,” you say with certainty.

A thoughtful smile crosses his features. “I know I’m being selfish, but I have personal reasons to not only stop the virus but terminate the man responsible for this.”

And they are?”

Ghost’s blue eyes penetrate your very soul. “Classified, until she gives me the green light.” SnowWhite

You’re talking about Snow White?”

He nods. “Get this done. Find the facts.”

Yes, sir.” You rise but pause. “Admiral, are you really going to use Lumin as bait?”

Ghost’s expression stiffens. “EbolaWe have no choice. I know Tinman has fallen hard for her. The risk is high, but we have a plan and that might include you. Make the report first and bring it back to me before you release it.”

Yes, sir.” If the virus grows feet it can spread fast and if the SEALs become infected, finding the man responsible will be impossible. 

Second Task: Go to this link and find out what the first person in an outbreak is called. this is your next password.

Go to the third tasking and input the password.