Models behind the covers

         Interview with Justin Tatum

CodeName_ Luminous_SM

 When terrorists infect Lumin with a virus, the Navy orders Tony Bale to hunt her down, but how do you neutralize the woman you love?

He earned his stripes in the dust while he was enlisted in the army, but he’s making huge waves in the modeling industry now. I guarantee he isn’t just a handsome face. Justin is a bit of a rebel. He’s intelligent and speaks his mind on important issues. Introducing Justin Tatum, the man on the cover and the warrior who inspired Petty Officer Tony (Tinman) Bale in Code Name: Luminous.

Natasza: What goes through your mind when you’re being photographed?Justin Tatum

Justin: Am I doing this right?

Natasza: What do you miss most about home when you’re away?

Justin: My bed because I am usually on a couch when I’m travelling or sleeping in my car. Most of all, my wife and girls.

Natasza: Most men have a hobby. What’s yours?

Justin: I do photography, run and lift weights, shoot guns and read a lot about herbs, nutrition, history, fiction novels, and YES, the occasional romance novel.

Justin Tatum2

Natasza: If you had a chance to meet someone (dead or alive) who’s inspired you, who would it be and why?

Justin: General Robert E. Lee. He is revered to be the greatest general in American history. I’m related to him on my Mom’s side of the family.

Natasza: Are you a country or a city kinda guy?

Justin: Little bit of both.

Natasza: Has fame changed you at all, and how do you keep yourself grounded?

Justin: Nope, and it’s just how I am, Lynnard Skynnard “Simple Man.”

Natasza: Is there anything you have to sacrifice for your dreams to come true?

Justin: Time away from family.

Natasza: What made you decide to leave the army ad follow another path?

Justin: Well, I wanted to be a lifer but got out early due to PTSD.

Natasza: Who do we owe thanks to that said, “Hey, I think you should be a model.”?

Justin: A lot of people have said it my whole life, but it wasn’t until my wife told me to try that I actually did it.

Now, what the ladies really want to know…quick questions and answers.


Natasza: What makes a good husband?

Justin: Try your best to listen, understand, and support your wife. Be loving, faithful and a beast in bed.

Natasza: What’s your idea of a romantic night?

Justin: A hot bath with candles and relaxing music, incense burning. Moving on to a nice massage and kissing and then some chitty chitty bang bang.

Natasza: A beautiful soul or a pretty face?

Justin: A beautiful soul…much better love making.

Natasza: Thick steak or hot dogs done over a campfire?

Justin: Thick steak.

Natasza: What makes a woman beautiful in your eyes?

Justin: Confident, loving, supportive, and a little bit of vulnerability.

Natasza: laying on a beach with your sweetheart or curled up in front of a fire?

Justin: Fire, let’s get sweaty.

Natasza: romantic with a slow burn or “let’s get down to it”?

Justin: Romantic slow burn, I’m sick that way.

Natasza: Do you think joining the mile high club would be sexy or would you end up with toilet blue on your pant leg like Chevy Chase in “Las Vegas Vacation”?

Justin: I don’t know how discreetly I could do it in there, there would definitely be turbulence.

(I’m laughing) Thank you, Justin, for serving your country. A big thanks for listening to your wife when she suggested you become a model, and my personal gratitude for being a friend and the inspiration for one very noble Navy SEAL by the name of Tony Bale. I wish you luck, my friend. God Bless!