Loadout Room Debrief



You rally in the Loadout room with Alpha Squad, Lumin, Snow White and Nina. Admiral Austin stands in front of a white board with Petty Officer Bale (Tinman) on one side and CPO Mason Briggs (Fox) on the other.

You’re nervous and linger behind the arc of men and women waiting for the Admiral to begin his brief. They’ve geared you up in cammo and you look like one of them now, except the pants are a little too big and slipping down your butt, so you cinch ‘em up and draw the belt tight.

Alpha Squad is two men down and this mission is too important. Admiral Austen (Ghost) and Captain Cobbs (Zodiak) are rejoining the team. Snow White, Nina and the Base Command staff will be operating from NAB Coronado.

ghost picGhost sets his ice-colored eyes on you. He’s a daunting warrior. A handsome man, even with the jagged scar that reaches from cheek to jaw.

You have been asked to join this mission because of your skills. Step up,” he orders. “We won’t bite.” He burns a grin. “Much.”

Feels like someone poured Jell-o down your legs, but you take the step. You might not be a SEAL, but remind yourself you’ll be assisting them and now is not the time to lose your nerve.

Tinman, it’s your show,” Ghost says and steps back.

Petty Officer Tony Bale (Tinman) turns his hazel-eyed gaze on you. “We TinManneed to acquire one very lethal virus and a vaccine. That’s our mission,” Tony says, walking toward the maps tacked on the white board. “Lumin Edenridge,” His gaze softens when he looks at the lithe blonde beauty standing between Kayla and Nina, “has brought us information that an attack against our nation is imminent. This is the worst threat to face this country in recorded history. The White House and JSOC have tasked us to stop a pandemic before it starts. No further outbreaks have occurred since the quarantine of Ramah.

EbolaNewsIf this virus is released, the clock starts ticking, and we only have thirty-six hours before it mutates. Worse than that, it kills in twelve hours. The kill ratio is one hundred percent.”

Tony glances at Ghost, who surveys him with a mentor’s eye. “There is zero room for failure. We fail, we die, and so does every citizen of this country, then it will cross oceans and borders and kill everyone in its path.”

You glance at the SEALs in addition to Alpha Squad who have been brought in for their specialties in reconnaissance, demolitions, chemical and biological warfare, and land navigation. Nothing but determination is etched on their faces.Gear

At this point we have little intelligence on who the terrorists are, thousands of miles of desert to find one, possibly two labs cooking up our demise, and stop a pandemic. Are there any questions on your taskings for this mission?”



When silence returns, Tinman crosses the empty space between him and you. “You’ve been brought onboard because of your ability to track down any recon we gather. Base Command came across some chatter that members of the terrorist cell may be in Palm Springs. There’s an Apache waiting for you. Cracker, will meet you when you land.”

You quickly make your way across N.A.B Coronado, trying like hell to remember what an Apache helicopter looks like. You stop and scan. There’s several aircraft sitting there, but only one of them has its blades slowly swirling.

SITREP: ALL warriors, some words, such as places will be capitalized. If the clue shows you a word capitalized than use it in the password, if not use lower case. If you get lost during the event return to http://nataszawaters.com/ click on the “warriors’ mission” tab and you’ll be back in the game.

Click on the link first tasking to begin and good luck!