Fourth Tasking

The coffee cup you’re holding only brushes your lips when someone stops your hand. You want to cry you’re so tired, but let the hand gently guide yours back on the table.

Mace leans in and IMG_5983gives you a sweet kiss on the cheek! That Hollywood grin of his is infectious and all of sudden ‘tired’ is in the past. Standing behind him is Nathan and Fox.

Well, rookie looks like you’re keeping up,” Fox says.

I like you being around,” Nathan adds. “I’m not the low man on totem pole anymore.”

You laugh. “Oh, gee, thanks,” you say. You Tadpolereceive a text

New recon. Check out the Rio Grande. Hydrologists confirm virus can survive in water as well as air.

Don’t like that look,” Fox says.

Yeah, me neither. What is it?” Nathan asks.

How fast can we get a chopper? We need to scour the Rio Grande.”

The guys look at each other. “Now,” they say at the same time.

It’s your lucky day. You’re gonna learn how to fast rope,” Mace says.

You hustle upFox behind him. “Wait a minute! Let’s not get crazy.”

Mace tucks a muscled arm around you. “You want the next password don’t you?”

Yeah,” you say warily.

Well, then, no easy day! Remember?”

You put your big girl panties on and prepare to have your guts tied in knots. This rates high on the gonna-suck meter. “Do I at least get a practice run?”

Babe, you got it together. We’re running out of time. Let’s rock n roll.”

Quite the experience. Think I heard you scream on the way down. Now, you can untie your knickers, Warriors. Click on the video. Watch. Your password for the fifth tasking is the number of SEALS that jump out of the Blackhawk helicopter. Proceed to the fifth tasking.