Fifth Tasking

Few words pass among the team in the helo. Rain from Colorado and Arizona have flooded the Rio RioGrandGrande. Farms litter the lower valley. Somehow you have to stop the water, treat it, and then let her go.

Tinman motions to the pilot where to set down. Everyone disembarks and stands in a circle. “We need options and we need ‘em quick. We got the tests back from the CDC. The water is carrying the virus,” Tinman says.ChopperGuys

You suggest the impossible. “Lock down the dams and treat the water.”

All heads turn your way and if you’ve never felt intimidated before you do now with the severe expressions on Alpha Squad’s faces, but then their heads tilt as if the idea isn’t so farfetched.

Cracker gives you a wide, southern grin. “You’re not just a pretty face.”

Blushing is out of the question, but hard not to.

Cobbs nods his approval. “Dams are too far apart,” he mentions.

All heads turn and stare. 

Mace’s brows raise, a glint ignites in his eyes as his gaze shifts to his swim buddy and best friend, Tinman. “Lead Breacher, you gonna blow that up, aren’t you?”Bridge

Tinman’s specialty is demolitions and first entry. His jaw cracks tight. “Big bridge.” He turns his attention on you. “How do we kill the virus?” he asks.

You give him a confident if not cocky smile and the team chuckles. “Easy,” you say.

Explain,” the Admiral asks. He doesn’t look convinced.

Got a friend. She runs a business out of her home. She used to work for the EPA. I’m sure she’ll know.”

DitzWhat kind of business does she run?” Stitch asks.

You shift your feet. Bloody corpsmen always ask too many questions. “Does it matter?” You stare at the ground.

What’s the name of her business?” Ditz the team’s communications guru asks.

He’s the last person you want to tell. He’s always attached to his mobile computer and can dig the dirt up on anyone, anywhere, anytime. You give them a broad smile, hoping they’ll drop it.Stitch

Nah, nah, nah,” Tinman says. “Start talkin’”.

You’re really starting to dislike these SEALs. They ask too many darn questions and have a creepy sixth sense. “Okay, fine,” you drawl. “She runs a BDSM club.”

Whoa!” Cracker shouts, and the rest of the guys burst out laughing. “And you know her how?”

None of your damn business. Do ya want her help or not!” You pan a look at the Admiral who is doing his damndest to hide a grin. “She’s very intelligent.”

Mace rolls his lips together. “I’m sure she is.”

Oh, stifle it,” you bark at them, and head for the helo, ignoring the whistles and jeers following you.

Your fifth tasking: Click on the link. Miss Whips is a voracious reader. Scroll down her site until you find the clue.

Then return and enter the password in the sixth tasking