Code Name: Ghost Video Trailer

“A Warrior’s Challenge” series, Book One, “Code Name: Ghost”

Code Name: Ghost is now available on Amazon. If you want to be sure you have blood in your veins check out the video trailer. Warning: Extreme drooling may occur.

Accepting a new posting as a tactical specialist in San Diego, Kayla Banks sets her eyes on starting fresh. What she doesn’t expect is the eyes of a serial killer setting his cross-hairs on her.

Kayla is a Canadian liaison working in an all American Navy. The Navy SEALs are tough but amiable and tag her with the name ‘Snow White’. Their Commander is another matter. With eyes like blue steel and a body carved from it, her resistance is under attack. He’s daunting and he hates her.

Thane (Ghost) Austen is in command of the West Coast SEAL teams. The Commander resists his desire to feel the defiant beauty’s skin next to his. When she becomes the Blood Shark’s target, the Commander doesn’t need an excuse to close ranks around her. Convincing Kayla, whose half mule, to surrender to him and catching a killer is a challenge, but he won’t fail either mission.

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